May 19, 2019

Annual Symposium Preview - ASAS-NANP

ASAS-NANP Pre-Conference Symposium 

Don't miss the opportunity to join us in Austin, Texas at the 2019 Annual Meeting and Trade Show. There will be a plethora of symposia topics to choose from.

The pre-conference Symposium - ASAS-NANP Mathematical Modeling - will be held on Monday, July 8. Symposium topics include the history of modeling and simulation in agriculture research, the different modeling techniques and many more. Don't miss out on this day of learning!

Speakers and titles below:

- Dr. Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech University – Introduction to mathematical models

- Dr. Robin White, Virginia Tech University – Introduction to R scripting and data analyses

- Dr. Luis Tedeschi, Texas A&M University – Model evaluation and a brainteaser on machine learning

-Dr. Charles NicholsonCornell University - Building Models using System Dynamics