June 05, 2019

Annual Meeting Preview - Companion Animal Nutrition

Companion Animal II: Comparative Animal Nutrition: Sustainability of Meat and Fish Ingredients  

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Pet owners have commanded higher animal protein diets from pet food companies for several years, demanding muscle meats in place of offal, yet are demanding use of sustainable resources by these same companies. As companion and comparative animal nutritionists seek to balance consumer wants, pet and other animal nutritional needs, and sustainability goals and desires, novel ingredients and novel approaches to use of available resources must be investigated.

The Companion Animal II: Comparative Animal Nutrition  symposium will be held on Tuesday, July 9th. 

Invited Speakers and Titles:

  • Peter Tyedmers, Dalhousie University - Sustainability of Fish-Derived Feed Inputs: An Ecological Perspective
  • Nathan Pelletier,  University of British Columbia- Sustainability of Terrestrial Protein Sources
  • Maria Cattai de Godoy, University of Illinois - Current Knowledge in Plant Protein Sources
  • Anna-Kate Shoveller, University of Guelph - Can we help support protein sustainability by considering optimizing dietary protein delivery?
  • Jose Villanon, Nutreco - Current Trends in Protein Sourcing for Aquaculture Diets

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