June 11, 2019

Good Luck Graduate Students

Good Luck Graduate Student Competitors

North Dakota State University

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Matthew Crouse - One-carbon metabolite supplementation improves growth of bovine embryonic fibroblasts cultured in divergent glucose media






Kacie McCarthy - Utilizing an electronic feeder to measure mineral and energy supplement intake in beef heifers grazing native range





Nayan Bhowmik - The role of leptin in reproductive characteristics of commercial beef cows and heifers



University of Nebraska - Lincoln




Erin Duffy - Effect of environmental temperature and β adrenergic agonist supplementation on rumen volatile fatty acid production in sheep





Rachel Gibbs - Body composition estimated by bioelectrical impedance analyses (BIA) is diminished by prenatal stress in neonatal lambs and by heat stress in feedlot wethers



Rebecca-SwansonRebecca Swanson - Ractopamine HCl improved cardiac hypertrophy but not poor growth, metabolic inefficiency, or greater white blood cells associated with heat stress in concentrate-fed lambs




University of Nebraska - North Platte



Tasha King - Effect of supplemental rumen undegradable protein and glucogenic precursors on digestibility and energy metabolism in sheep




Joslyn Beard - The effect of dam age on heifer progeny performance and longevity



New Mexico State University 



Shelby Rosasco - Effects of growth-promoting implants administered during the suckling phase or at weaning on growth and reproduction in replacement beef heifers grazing native range


Susana Urias - Effects of cottonseed meal supplementation and wheat pasture maturity on forage intake and digestion characteristics of cows grazing winter wheat pasture

University of Idaho



McKenzie Corpron - Evaluating the effects of a high-concentration dose of prostaglandin F2⍺ in a 5-day CO-Synch + CIDR protocol on fertility in beef cows





Dilan Henslee - Aversion to phenylthiocarbamide in mature Targhee and Rambouillet rams



University of Wyoming



Heather McKibben - Comparison of new composite breeds with the Suffolk breed as terminal sires in an extensive production system: Carcass characteristics


Montana State University

Ryan Knuth - Subclinical mastitis in sheep: etiology and association with milk somatic cell count and ewe productivity in three research flocks in the Western U.S.

Federal University of Viscosa

Ana Menezes - Single point ruminal incubation times necessary to estimate RDP content in concentrate feeds