July 03, 2019

Annual Meeting Preview - ASAS-NANP Symposium

ASAS-NANP Symposium II: Ruminant/Nonruminant Feed Composition

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The ASAS-NANP Symposium II: Ruminant/Nonruminant Feed Composition will be held on Thursday, July 11th. 

Invited Speakers and Titles:

  • Dr. Andres Schlageter-Tello, National Animal Nutrition Program - Overview of the NRSP-9/NANP Program
  • Dr. William Weiss, Ohio State University - Statistical methods and importance of screening ingredient composition data sets
  • Dr. Elizabeth Koutsos, EnviroFlight, LLC - Novel ingredients and challenges for feed formulation
  • Dr. George Fahey, Jr., University of Illinois- Carbohydrate composition: Challenges to the optimal use of fiber across animal species, and potential solutions 

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