July 11, 2019

Congratulations to Poster Competition Winners

Poster Competition Winners


1st - (PSI-34) The Impact of Varing Protein Sources on Feedlot Goat Fecal Microbiome, Presenting Author: Allianna Mitchell - Kansas State University

2nd - (PSI-33) Effect of conditioning temperature and pellet diameter on nursery pig growth performance,  Presenting Author: Olivia Harrison - Kansas State University

3rd - (PSI-38) Evaluation of increasing oat goats in nursery pig diets, Presenting Author: Jenna Chance - Kansas State University 


1st - (PSIV-20) TAS2R Genes in Sheep and Cattle Compared to Humans,  Presenting Author: Dillan Henslee - University of Idaho

2nd - (PSIV-12) Effects of an additional iron injection administered to piglets before weaning, Presenting Author: Tyler B. Chevalier - University of Kentucky

3rd - (PSIV-13)  Supplemental phytase increase phosphorus digestibility in pigs regardless of phytase source of feed pelleting, Presenting Author: Bokyung Hong - Konkuk Unversity 


1st (PSII-9) Body core and skin temperatures in suckling piglets measured by infrared thermography and thermometry methods,  Presenting Author: Simone M. Schmid - Institute of Animal Science, University of Bonn, Germany

2nd (PSII-12) Comparison of fine needle aspiration and tissue sections to determine Sertoli and germ cell counts in prepubertal beef bulls, Presenting Author: Nicolas Negrin Pereira - North Dakota State University

3rd - (PSII-20) Effects of maternal nutrient restriction during gestation on bovine serum microRNA abundance, Presenting Author: Keelee J. McCarty - Clemson University