August 22, 2019

Special Election: Section Representative to the National Board

Dear Western Section Member,

With Dr. Glenn Duff's election to the ASAS National Board as President-Elect, we must fill the position of Western Section Representative to the National Board.

The candidates are:

  • Eric Scholljegerdes
  • Dustin Yates
  • Christopher Schauer

To learn more about the candidates and to cast your vote, please visit the election site at

Log in using the same user name and password you use for the ASAS website.

Once you are logged into the election site, click on the link for "Special Election – Section Representative to the National Board".There you will be presented with two sections on the left-hand side. The first is labeled "Election." This is where you can view the candidates' bios for each elected position.Click on the "tab" for the position to view the bios. Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to ensure that you have been presented with all the information provided.

After reviewing the bios for the position, you can then click on the second tab on the left-hand side labeled"Click here to Vote."Here you will be able to select the candidate you would like to vote for. After you have selected the candidate, be sure to click the big, purple "Vote"button at the bottom right of the page to cast your vote.

If you have any questions about the election site or if you do not have access to the web site, contact Deana Green (, 217-356-9050) to receive a paper copy of the candidates' biographical information.

The election ballots will close at 11:59 pm CDT on September 10, 2019.