September 23, 2019

New Feature for JAS

The Journal of Animal Science is Getting a New Look and a New Feature!

Be on the lookout for the new layout of papers appearing in the Journal of Animal Science. Beginning with the October issue, papers will be formatted using a new contemporary style with clean lines, more extensive use of color and reformatted design of tables.  ORCID numbers for  authors will also be displayed  with the list of authors.   

Note that the Guide to Authors for the journal remains unchanged. 

The October issue will also feature the inaugural paper in a new series called Previews.  Articles in this series will provide an independent perspective on particularly noteworthy or timely papers published in the journal. The first Previews paper will be by Bob Robert Cushman of USDA, ARS and is entitled “Changing views on the role of the uterus in post-partum reproductive function in beef cows.

Pete Hansen, University of Florida, Chair, Publications Committee