October 09, 2019

Interpretive Summary: Supplementation of OmniGen-AF

Interpretive Summary: Supplementation of OmniGen-AF improves the metabolic response to a glucose tolerance test in beef heifers.

By: Anne Wallace

Supplementation of animal feed with additives that are perceived as “natural” is highly preferred by both consumers and veterinary regulatory agencies. Although many feed additives exist on the market today, scientific studies are needed to validate how effective these products are, which may make claims of benefiting animal health, well-being, or productivity. 

OmniGen-AF is a nutritional specialty product that claims to support immune function. Previous studies have found that supplementing OmniGen-AF is correlated with a protective benefit to heifers during an LPS (bacterial lipopolysaccharide) challenge. In this study published in the July 2019 issue of Translational Animal Science, researchers hypothesized that alterations in metabolic regulation might be the mechanism behind the observed benefits of OmniGen. They specifically studied glucose metabolism in feedlot heifers fed OmniGen versus heifers fed a control diet without OmniGen. Animals were given a glucose challenge with a dextrose solution to observe subsequent metabolic responses. 

Serum glucose concentrations were lower in heifers fed OmniGen versus controls fed a regular diet up for 90 minutes post-glucose challenge. Insulin also increased in heifers fed OmniGen compared to the controls. Non-Esterified Fatty Acid (NEFA) concentrations, which are free fatty acids associated with abnormal glucose metabolism, were also reduced in animals fed OmniGen. 

Overall, the results of this small study suggest that OmniGen may support the immune function of heifers through the beneficial alteration of glucose metabolism. Since only 32 heifers were evaluated in this study, larger and more comprehensive studies are needed to confirm and validate these findings, which seem promising. 

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