November 04, 2019

2020 Journal of Animal Science and Continuous Publication

2020 Journal of Animal Science and Continuous Publication

The Journal of Animal Science implemented changes this past year that included a new cover design and page layout, Featured Collections and Preview papers.  The new look coupled with our rapid manuscript review of 20-days to first decision likely underlie the increased numbers of papers submitted to our Journal. 

Building upon our upward trajectory, the publishing model of the Journal of Animal Science will be changed on January 1, 2020. Rather than publishing conventional complete online issues at fixed intervals, the journal has moved to a continuous publication model. Because of the upcoming change, the December issue of JAS will publish mid-month to allow us to capture as many 2019 papers as possible before moving to the new publication model. 

What does this mean for authors and readers?  The central aspect of the new publishing model is that articles can be published online in their final form, with their final citation details, as soon as they have been copyedited, typeset and proofread.  Articles will be added to the current “open” issue of the journal, which will grow over time until it is “closed” and replaced by a new open issue.  The primary motivation for this change is to provide a better service to readers and authors by ensuring that a “version of record” of an accepted article is made available as quickly as possible.

The Journal of Animal Science strives to be the premier publishing arm of animal scientists.  To continue publishing high profile manuscripts in a timely manner while meeting the demands for transparency and rigor, JAS will require conflict of interest statements for all submissions beginning January 1, 2020.  A conventional statement will be included in the updated Instructions to Authors when available.

Rapid Communications will be replaced with Short Communications.  The same hypothesis-driven research of high impact will be retained without the burden of a 2-week turnaround on peer review.  Open access charges will apply to accepted manuscripts. 

Additional changes to the Journal are under discussion by the Publication Committee and will be announced later in the year as necessary.

Thank you for your support of the Journal of Animal Science!