November 04, 2019

Congratulations Dr. Alcaine

Dr. Samuel Alcaine Receives the Distinguished Service Award Award from the American Society of Animal Science

Samuel_ alcaine November 4, 2019 – Dr. Samuel Alcaine is the recipient of the 2019 American Society of Animal Science Young Scientist Award - Educator, presented to him this week during the ASAS-ADSA 2019 Regional Northeast Meeting held in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Samuel Alcaine is an Assistant Professor at Cornell University. He has a BS from the University of Maryland (2002), an MS from Cornell University (2007), and a PhD from the University of Massachusetts (2016). At Cornell, he has led and participated in 17 workshops, reaching over 300 dairy professionals. His lectures are highly valued by attendees, who find Dr. Alcaine a very effective and innovative educator. He has a very active research program that uses protective bacterial cultures and enzymes to address dairy food waste and safety, and has received an impressive number of research grants from federal and state agencies. He has already published several research papers and technical articles relevant to the dairy industry, and is often asked to give interviews to the press on issues that are important to the dairy industry. He is very very engaged with various dairy associations, and is already recognized as one of the emerging leaders in dairy education and research in the US.