December 04, 2019

2020 National ASAS L.E. Casida Award Update

L.E. Casida Award News

After a significant amount of deliberation, the ASAS Foundation and the L.E. Casida Award Committee have worked to make several award changes to the L.E. Casida Award. The award has always been given in conjunction with the Triennial Reproduction Symposium (previously the Biennial Reproduction Symposium). The switch from Biennial Reproduction Symposium to Triennial Reproduction Symposium reduced the frequency of the award. In addition, 2019 should have been a Triennial Reproduction Symposium, but ASAS changed the order to accommodate a Triennial and a L.E. Casida Award recipient at the 50th Anniversary of SSR and to make sure that we have room for a Triennial Lactation Symposium in 2021 when ASAS and ADSA have a day of overlap. This jostling of schedules not only again reduced the frequency of the award, but caused ASAS to accept nominations in 2019 for an award the committee opted not to give. 

To ensure that the many deserving reproductive physiologists can receive the L.E. Casida Award, the committee in conjunction with the ASAS Foundation have opted to do the following:

  • Continue giving the Casida Award or Awards in conjunction with the Triennial Reproduction Symposium; however, frequently the Symposium occurs.

  • In recognition of the great number of outstanding reproductive physiologists that are currently eligible to receive this award, the committee has opted to give two awards at each Triennial. If frequency of the Triennial Reproduction Symposium is ever increased, the committee will again review the number of awards given.

If you were nominated or served as a nominator last year or were trying to nominate someone this year, you will have noticed that the awards system is not currently set up to take 2020 L.E. Casida nominees – now that we have final directions, ASAS Staff will do the following:

  • Move all 2019 nominations to 2020 for consideration.

  • Reach out to 2019 nominators for updates with instructions for update submissions. Updates will be due on January 6, 2020.

  • Open the Awards site this week for additional 2020 L.E. Casida nominations. Full packets will be due on January 6, 2020.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thanks in advance,

Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe, PhD

American Society of Animal Science, CEO