December 09, 2019

Interpretive Summary: Are consumers’ culinary skills related to purchasing attitudes towards pork?

Interpretive Summary: Are consumers’ culinary skills related to their purchasing attitudes towards pork?

By: Anne Wallace

In this abstract published in the Journal of Animal Science for the December 2019 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting and Trade Show, researchers looked at the relationship between a consumer’s culinary skills and their attitudes towards purchasing pork. The study involved a survey of nearly 1000 consumers in three locations throughout North-Eastern Spain and Portugal: Catalonia, Aragon, and Northern Portugal.

Results identified two types of consumers – those who were “innovative cook lovers” and those who were “uninvolved” consumers. The “uninvolved” consumer, compared to “innovative cook lovers” had a stronger preference for ease of cooking method, whereas the “innovative cook lovers” had a strong preference for price, slaughter date, and slaughter method, compared to the “uninvolved” consumer. For both groups, the most important qualities when purchasing pork was its safety, appeal, and expiration (best before date).

Overall, the authors concluded there were notable differences between “innovative cook lovers” and “uninvolved” consumers, with “innovative cook lovers” being more potentially exigent consumers. Understanding how consumers’ cooking skills may affect their views towards purchasing meat products is an important area of study that may affect both marketing and sales, justifying further study.