December 26, 2019

Revised Instructions to Authors for JAS

The Journal of Animal Science Instructions to Authors was revised

The following changes will go into effect January 1, 2020;

1. List of Abbreviations  A complete list of all abbreviations and their definition is required. It can be inserted immediately after the Abstract and Key Words.  The format should be abbreviation, definition.  Definition of abbreviations at first use in the manuscript is still required.  Definition of abbreviations in tables and figures is not required if provided in the text of the paper.  Standard JAS abbreviations (refer to downloadable file) are exempt from both the List and definition at first use.

2. Disclosures  The new section follows the Discussion and contains a conflict of interest statement. 

3. Short Communications  The new manuscript type replaces Rapid Communication.  Papers are limited to 5 typeset pages with 2 figures, tables or combination of the two.  Key to successful consideration is demonstrated novelty by referencing papers published in JAS within the past 2-years.