January 16, 2020

New January Animal Frontiers Online

A new issue of Animal Frontiers is out! Take a look at the featured articles below. 

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- Animal Frontiers: Celebrating a Decade of Publication The Animal Frontiers Management Board

- EAAP reflections on the first 10 years of Animal Frontiers - Andrea Rosati 

- Ethics views on animal science and animal production -  Bart Gremmen 

- Different religions, different animal ethics? - Louis Caruana SJ 

- Moral dilemmas of animal production systems - Bart Gremmen

- Philosophical ethics and the improvement of farmed animal lives - Paul B. Thompson   

- Some brief comments on animal rights -Gary L. Francione

- Ethical meat: respect for farm animals - Giuseppe Pulina

- Prioritizing the protection of welfare in gene-edited livestock - Adam Shriver 

- Ethical perspectives on modifying animals: beyond welfare arguments - Bernice Bovenkerk

- Technology and responsibility: a discussion of underexamined risks and concerns in Precision Livestock Farming - Ian Werkheiser