January 28, 2020

Congratulations - Student Competition Winners


Undergraduate Student Competition winners

3rd_Undergrad3rd Place, Brady Martin from the University of Arkansas for the abstract #48 - Effect of Zelnate administered at initial processing in high-risk, newly received beef calves on performance and morbidity



2nd_Undergrad2nd Place, Emily DeShazo from Texas A&M for the abstract #183 - Utilizing Breeding Indictors for an Effective AI Program in Brahman Cows



1st_Undergrad1st Place, Camille Morris from Clemson University for the abstract #60 - Effects of exogenous glucocorticoid administration on leptin concentrations in perinatal dairy bull calves




Graduate Student Competition winners


3rd_MS3rd Place, Kaylyn Groce from the University of Georgia for the abstract #27 - Defining Grazing Recommendations for Alfalfa-Bermudagrass Mixtures in the Southeastern U.S.



2nd_MS2nd Place, Courtney McNeff from Oklahoma State University for the abstract #168 -The effects of fly control strategies on fly abundance, fly avoidance behaviors, and performance in feedlot bulls and steers



1st_MS1st Place, Brittany Lippy from Oklahoma State University for the abstract #166 - The effects of feeding lasalocid in combination with zeranol implants on performance and carcass traits in hair sheep



3rd_PHD3rd Place, Brooke Clemmons from University of Tennessee for the abstract #143 - Rumen Fluid Metabolites as Potential Biomarkers of Feed Efficiency in Angus Steers



2nd_PHD2nd Place, Nicola Oosthuizen from Texas A&M University for the abstract #130 -Presynchronization with Prostaglandin F2αand prolonged exposure to exogenous progesterone impacts estrus expression and alters fertility in beef heifers





1st Place, Russell Carrell from Auburn University for the abstract #64 - Effects of grazing cool-season cover crops on forage and animal performance