March 04, 2020

Congratulations Student Competition Winners

Congratulations Student Competition Winners

Undergraduate Student Poster Competition: Poster Session I

IMG_68451)    #9 Madison Kovarna.  South Dakota State University.  Factors associated with birthing interval and total farrowing duration in sows and gilts within a production setting. Right

IMG_68432)    #8 Juliette Toothaker.  Kansas State University.  Evaluation of two burning dates and addition of spices on stocker cattle gains on tallgrass native range. Left

IMG_68423)    #11 Rachel Kort.  Kansas State University.  Moisture content throughout the pelleting process and subsequent effects on pellet quality. Right



Undergraduate Student Poster Competition: Poster Session II

IMG_68501)    #5 Olivia Harrison.  Kansas State University.  Effects of ingredient composition of oral drenches in small piglets post-farrowing on average daily gain and pre-wean mortality. Right

IMG_68482)    #12 Alisun Watson.  University of Arkansas.  The effect of sodium butyrate and benzoic acid on nutrient digestibility and fecal volatile fatty acid concentrations in nursery pigs. Left



3)    #6 Jera Monaghan.  University of Wisconsin-River Falls.  Effects of repeated freeze and thaw cycles on serum and plasma metabolite concentrations in beef cattle. Right


Undergraduate Student Oral Competition

IMG_68561)    #61 Chloe Hagen.  Iowa State University. Impact of broken kernels and foreign matter content of corn on nutrient and energy composition and mycotoxin levels. Right

IMG_68552)    #59 Samantha Bartley.  University of Findlay.  The effects of audio exposure to goat kids’ relative intensity ratios of harmonics from birth to weaning. Left

IMG_68523)    #55 Kaylee Wheeler.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Rumen undegradable protein content of native range and sub irrigated meadow forages. Right



Graduate Student Oral Competition: MSI

IMG_68611)    #21 Julian Holen.  University of Minnesota.  Effects of supplementing late gestation sow diets with zinc on preweaning mortality of pigs under commercial rearing conditions. Right

IMG_68602)    #24 Madie Wensley.  Kansas State University.  Determining the phosphorus release of Smizyme TS G5 2,500 phytase in nursery pigs. Left

IMG_68583)    #256 Lauren Hansen.  University of Guelph.  The effect of closely meeting estimated daily lysine and energy requirements of pregnant first parity sows on offspring growth and carcass quality. Right



Graduate Student Oral Competition: MSII

IMG_68631)    #41 Jack Redifer.  University of Illinois.  Characterizing the amount and variability of intramuscular fat deposition throughout the loin using barrows and gilts from two genotypes. Right

IMG_68622)    #40 Alison Bartenslager.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Resilience of the ocular microbiome in beef calves. Left

3)    #42 Nicole Hardy.  The Ohio State University.  Quantifying mammary growth and proliferative effects of estradiol in Holstein heifer calves.


Graduate Student Oral Competition: Ph.D.

IMG_68661)    #48 Woongbi Kwan.  University of Illiniois at Urbana-Chanpaign.  Effects of dietary isoleucine and valine supplementation to excess or low leucine diets on nitrogen balance and metabolism of branched-chained amino acids in growing pigs. Right

IMG_68652)    #43 Pedro Carvalho.  Penn State University.  Effects of steroidal implants on feedlot growth performance, carcass characteristics, and serum and meat estradiol-17β concentrations of Holstein steers. Left

IMG_68643)    #51 Kirsten Nickles. The Ohio State University.  Intranasal oxytocin improves plasma non-esterified fatty acids but not distance walked or cortisol concentrations at weaning. Right