March 05, 2020

Precision Livestock Farming II – Speaker Highlight

Precision Livestock Farming II – Speaker Highlight

By: Dr. Emily Taylor

Dr. Victor Cabrera – University of Wisconsin-Madison ‘Developing a Dairy Brain: Improved Decision-making from Continuous Integrated Data:’ Dr. Cabrera discussed the importance for dairy farms to have a system that can collect, integrate, manage, and analyze on- and off-farm data in real-time for practical and relevant actions. He provided information on a trans-disciplinary research an extension project the engages multi-disciplinary scientists, dairy farmers, and industry professionals. This was a four-part strategy “Dairy Brain”.

-       Create a Coordinated Innovation Network to shape data service development

-       Create a prototype Agricultural Data Hub to gather/disseminate multiple data streams relevant to dairy operations

-       Build the Dairy Brain – a suite of analytical modules that leverages the Agricultural Data Hub to provide insight to the management of dairy operations and serve as an exemplar of an ecosystem of connected services

-       Design and execute an innovative Extension program

Dr. Cabrera believes the Dairy Brain concept will move the industry towards a more modernized data exchange.

Dr. Manuel Juarez – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ‘Linking Livestock Phenomics and Precision Livestock Farming:’  Dr. Juarez described livestock phenomics as a systematic acquisition of high dimensional phenotypic data, which requires measuring phenomes as they change in response to genetic mutation and environmental influences. Scientists have had a lack of sufficient and appropriate phenotypic data and results in challenges when developing a livestock phenomics program. Precision livestock farming aims to apply continuous automated real-time monitoring systems to optimize livestock management. The information that these systems collect can be used to optimize animal performance. Integration of phenomics and livestock farming will increase development and optimize the use of resources.