March 23, 2020

JAS, TAS and AF initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic

Journal of Animal Science, Translational Animal Science and Animal Frontiers initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic

First and foremost, the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) would like to recognize the extraordinary situation currently underway with the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing is necessary and difficult. Suddenly to safe guard our families, staffs, members and colleagues we are being forced apart. This process can be difficult for a population that thrives on scientific exchange and interaction. To provide options for those that are working remotely or sheltering in place, ASAS is going to ramp up our online and web presence over the next several weeks. ASAS has also worked with Oxford University Press to immediately offer the following opportunities to increase scholarship and share ideas during this pandemic:

  1. Papers submitted to JAS or TAS between now and June 1, 2020 that are accepted for publication will receive a 10% discount on publication charges (page charges, APC or open access).
  2. We are introducing a new short-term publication type for teachers willing to detail their switch to online: TAS is adding a new article type and category: Rapid Online Teaching: Movement of Animal Science Courses Online during COVID-19. This article type will only take submissions until September 30, 2020, and submissions can be as typical submissions or as video articles. The technical specs for both typical (written) and video articles will be released on Monday March 23, 2020. The goal of this section will be to provide a platform for educators to share scientific, anecdotal, and case studies on what has worked and what failed during the rapid movement of courses to online platforms in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether video or text, these will be rapidly peer viewed and placed online within 14 days of submission. Although we typically demand the highest level of teaching pedagogy and high-level data analysis, we recognize the need for our teachers to have resources available quickly to help stimulate ideas on how to move and improve courses once online; consequently, we will accept “case study” and anecdotal evidence on this topic during the next 180 days. We also believe it is important to give our teachers and educators a place to display their Herculean efforts and receive merit via scholarly activity for these efforts. To begin the process, we have a video article Board Invited Review: Moving Online, currently open access on Vimeo: As we move the article to the TAS online platform, it will be removed from Vimeo. Future traditional or online submissions will be made through ScholarOne and will be placed online versus on Vimeo. We anticipate these submissions in video form or shortened written publications (under 5 journal pages) as such and because of the immediate need for the articles we will charge a drastically reduced page charge of $250.00 USD per article.
  3. OUP has many resources freely available for faculty who have moved classes online: As other groups that make materials within the OUP portfolio available to us, we will open all applicable resources to groups within the scientific community.
  4. OUP has made all information concerning corona virus free/open access: We are proud to report that there are a number of JAS articles included on this list. The articles included in the collection (which automatically updates as soon as anything related to coronaviruses publishes anywhere on the OUP platform) has received over 1 million downloads in the short time it has been online.
  5. We have worked with OUP to ensure that publications processing (processing of new submissions) will continue as we transition to teleworking and practice social distancing.