April 20, 2020

Annual Meeting Preview - Horse Species Symposium

Horse Species Symposium

Don't miss the opportunity to join us virtually at the 2020 Annual Meeting and Trade Show. There will be a plethora of symposia topics to choose from.


The Horse Species Symposium will be held on Tuesday, July 21st.  

Invited Speakers and Titles:

·      Dr. Eldin Jašarević, University of Maryland School of Medicine – Microbial origins in the developmental programming of offspring health

·      Dr. Aaron Ericsson, University of Missouri Metagenomics Center (MUMC) – The gut microbiota of research animals and implications for research on the gut-brain axis

·      Dr. Adam Moeser, Michigan State University, College of Veterinary Medicine – Early life factors shaping gut development and lifelong disease risk

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