May 07, 2020

Annual Meeting Preview - Production, Management and Environment Symposium

Production, Management and Environment Symposium

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The Production, Management and Environment Symposium will be held on Tuesday, July 21st. 

Techniques for Livestock Production using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Farming

This symposium will foster discussion and interaction between academics and industry representatives on the utilization of big data in animal agriculture with the goal of improving livestock production, welfare, and product quality. Enormous amount of data is routinely collected at the farm level in any intensive livestock enterprise, for management purpose, health surveillance, culling decision, etc. In addition, sensor, genomics, image and other high-throughput technologies have been recently explored for disease detection, individualized feeding, genetic selection, among other applications. These two sources of information, historical farm-level data and real-time animal-level data, together with other sources of open-data such as economics and weather reports, can be used together for optimizing animal husbandry operations, in the context of precision animal agriculture. The amount and complexity of such data, however, poses many challenges in terms of data acquisition, data management, and analysis strategies, which are not well-known and understood by the animal science community. This symposium will be devoted to a discussion of the main challenges and potential applications of big data and predictive analytics in livestock.

Invited Speakers and Titles:

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