May 07, 2020

ASAS/ADSA Midwest Meeting Update

Dear ASAS Midwest Section and ADSA Midwest Branch Members and Attendees,

Recently, the ADSA Board of Directors, under recommendation from the ADSA Midwest Branch Board and members of the Midwest Branch, decided to discontinue participating in the Midwest Meeting.

However, ASAS Midwest Section will continue to host their Midwest Meeting. In 2021, the ASAS Midwest Meeting is scheduled to take place in Omaha on March 8-10, 2021 at CHI Health Convention Center.

ADSA also looks forward to serving its members in the Midwest Branch and more details will be forthcoming as it evaluates options for in-person and virtual networking opportunities.

The two organizations hope to collaborate in the future in other ways as a Midwest region; outside of a joint event. At this time, the joint board will not be operational as the meeting is currently the only collaboration vehicle and each society will now host their own respective Midwest elections.

Please reach out to ADSA Executive Director, Catharine Perry, catharinep@adsa.orgwith any questions.

Best regards,

Matt Akins, President, ADSA Midwest Branch

Steven J. Moeller, President, ASAS Midwest Section