June 18, 2020

ASAS Board Statement: Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Efforts

ASAS Board Statement: Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Efforts

The American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) is committed to the advancement of science and acknowledges that science is best informed by a diversity of thought, perspectives, ideas and experiences. Our relevance to society and our ability to bring forth discoveries to solve the problems of today and address social expectations for tomorrow relies on including, supporting, listening to, and respecting diverse voices.

We condemn any acts of racism, injustice, and violence. We believe all animal scientists can support the imperative agenda of Black Lives Matter: to end systemic racism.

Our contributions to this effort must begin with acknowledging the painful legacy of injustice toward marginalized, ethnically diverse populations who were instrumental in building U.S. animal agriculture and science, who are not yet fully included, represented, or served by our discipline.

We must foster a culture within our society that values, recognizes, respects, and promotes scientists, professional members and students of all races/ethnicities, sexual orientation, genders, backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints. We must fully commit to the ideals of diversity, inclusion and equity not only by words but through direct action which includes responding to injustices when we see them. ASAS is committed to the development of a societal culture that opens doors for all persons wishing to participate in our disciplines and fosters an environment that ensures access and promotes success, safety and equity for all of our members.

To do so, ASAS will:

● Create a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Affairs Committee to increase accountability for diversity, inclusion and equity in ASAS. The leadership committee will be advised by this committee and held accountable for addressing inequities through this committee.

● Evaluate and expand the diversity of our committees, award winners and conference speakers.

● Advocate for ways to address disparities in our agricultural community.

● Add statements condemning racism, injustice and violence to our core values.

ASAS is steadfast in supporting diversity, inclusion and equity. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on ways to make ASAS a more equitable professional society.