July 18, 2020

ASAS-NANP Symposium Preview

ASAS-NANP Symposium Preview

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The ASAS-NANP Symposium will take place on Sunday, July 19, 2020.

List of speakers and titles

  • Statistical Graphics and Interactive Visualization in Animal Science - Dr. Gota Morota, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

    The objectives of this hands-on workshop are to learn how to utilize interactive visualization and investigate both global and local structures of graphs with useful zooming in and zooming out capabilities.

  • A Brief Overview, Comparison and Practical Applications of Machine Learning Models - Dr. Dan Tulpan, University of Guelph

    The objective of this workshop is to provide the audience with a way to formulate a problem such that it will be solvable by machine learning techniques and apply an exploratory analysis of various machine learning on different datasets.
  • ASAS-EAAP Talk: Modeling digestion kinetics: the next step in the evaluation of feed ingredients - Dr. Walter J. Gerrits, Wageningen University and Research

    Dr. Walter will discuss a recently developed approach (Schop, 2020), a combination of in vitromethodology and dynamic modelling of the digestion process as an alternative to conventional feed ingredient evaluation, and the first steps in the development of such a system.
  • Building models using system dynamics Methodology - Dr. Emma Stephens
  • Hands-on feed evaluation in swine (group modeling) - Dr. Walter J. Gerrits, Wageningen University and Research

  • Hands-on system dynamics (group modeling) - Dr. Emma Stephens 

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