July 18, 2020

WSASAS Beef Symposium Preview

WSASAS Beef Symposium Preview

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The WSASAS Beef Symposium will take place on Monday, July 20, 2020.

List of speakers and titles

  • Beef heifer development: Managing nutrition to optimize fertility - Dr. Adam Summers, New Mexico State University

    The objectives of this presentation are to review our understanding of the influence of nutrition on beef heifer fertility and identify potential mechanisms which may improve heifer fertility and beef producer profitability. 

  • A Brief Overview, Comparison and Practical Applications of Machine Learning Models - Dr. Dan Tulpan, University of Guelph

    The objective of this workshop is to provide the audience with a way to formulate a problem such that it will be solvable by machine learning techniques and apply an exploratory analysis of various machine learning on different datasets.
  • Supplementing omega-6 fatty acids to enhance reproductive performance of beef cows - Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, Texas A&M University

    Dr. Cooke will discuss Ca Salts of soybean oil supplementation and its effects on the reproductive performance of both B. indicus and B. taurus beef cows. 
  • Maternal nutrition during early gestation: Impacts on developmental outcomes - Dr. Joel Canton, North Dakota State University 

    The objectives of this invited review are to provide a summary of our current understanding of the impacts of inappropriate maternal nutrition during early gestation on embryo-fetal and offspring developmental outcomes.
  • Nutrition and sexual development in bulls - Dr. Joseph Dalton, University of Idaho

    The objectives of this invited review are to provide a brief summary of the impact of nutrition on sexual development and reproductive function in beef bulls, followed by a discussion of management before, during and after the breeding season.
  • Western Section Awards Presentation - Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, Texas A&M University
  • Western Section Distinguished Service Talk: Effects of steam flaking on the carbon-footprint of finishing beef cattle - Dr. N. Cole

    This manuscript presents a comparative estimate of the carbon footprint of steam flaking corn in beef cattle finishing diets with and without wet distiller's grains with solubles.
  • Western Section Young Scholar Talk MS I: The impact of cow size on cow-calf and post-weaning progeny performance in the Nebraska Sandhills - Rob Ziegler, University of Nebraska

    The objectives of this retrospective analysis were to determine the influence of cow body weight adjusted to a common body condition score of 5 at weaning influenced cow-calf performance and post-weaning steer and heifer progeny performance.
  • Western Section Young Scholar Talk MS II: Heat stress-induced deficits in growth, metabolic efficiency, and cardiovascular function coincided with chronic systemic inflammation and hypercatecholaminemia in reactopamine-supplemented feedlot lambs - Rebecca Swanson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

    Two studies will be presented: 1) Effects of ractopamine supplementation on growth, health and wellbeing in heat-stressed feedlot wethers. 2) Effects of pubertal cyclicity in cows on myoblast-mediated muscle grwoth, metabolism, and growth efficiency of their offspring. 
  • Western Section Young Scholar Talk PhD: Effect of increasing dietary zinc during late gestation and early lactation on ewe and lamb body weights, serum and milk minerals and somatic cell count - Chad Page, University of Wyoming

    The objectives of this research are to quantify the effects that increased dietary Zn during late gestation and early lactation has on ewe and progeny body weights, serum and milk minerals, and somatic cell count.

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