July 19, 2020

The Jimmy's

The Jimmys

Don't miss the Jimmy's Live on Monday night at 7:30 CDT in Zoom Room 4

The Jimmys have been ripping up stages with their blend of blues, soul, funk and R&B for nearly 10 years. Award-winning keyboardist/singer/songwriter Jimmy Voegeli has put together an all-star lineup: Perry Weber, veteran blues guitarist/singer/songwriter; Chris Sandoval, longtime drummer with Tommy Castro; John Wartenweiler with his powerful bass lines and deep groove; the Amateur Horn Stars - Pete Ross, Saxophone; Mike Boman, trumpet; and Joe Goltz, Trombone - combine 40+ years' experience touring the world with Clyde Stubblefield, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Youngblood Brass Band, B.B. King and his All Stars, and many others.  

With multiple awards and a growing legion of fans you gotta g
et yourself to their next show to find out what everyone's hollerin' about.

The Jimmys