July 27, 2020

DGAC Scientific Report

USDA and HHS Publish DGAC Scientific Report

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) Scientific Report. The DGAC Report informs USDA and HHS as they create the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), which provides recommendations on what to eat and drink to promote health and prevent chronic disease. The 835-page report will lay out the groundwork for the next five years of Federal nutrition advice.

The DGAC consist of 20 experts in the field of nutrition, including Dr. Teresa Davis, ASAS Public Policy Committee Chair. The evidence-based report was informed by over 62,000 public comments, given online and in-person. To compare, previous committees received an average of 450 comments. The DGAC took a lifestyle approach and investigated the Birth-24 Months population for the first time. Other topics included dietary patterns, pregnancy and lactation, data analysis and food pattern modeling, beverages and added sugars, dietary fats and seafood, and frequency of eating.

“Science-based dietary guidance is critical to ensuring a healthy future for America,” said USDA Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services Deputy Under Secretary Brandon Lipps, in a press release. “USDA greatly appreciates the high-quality work done by this committee comprised of our nation’s leading scientists and dietary experts. We look forward to thoroughly reviewing the report and leveraging their scientific advice as we partner with HHS to develop the next edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

The Scientific Report is receiving praise from numerous industries and corporations. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) thanked the committee for recognizing the importance of beef in the diet. “Cattle and beef producers appreciate the evidence-based recommendations of the DGAC. We believe beef is a wholesome, nutritious food that plays an important role in a healthy diet, and we are supportive of many of the committee’s findings,” said NCBA CEO Colin Woodall.

Mickey Rubin, Ph.D., Executive Director of the American Egg Board’s Egg Nutrition Center also commended the DGAC, stating “in a historic first, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Advisory Committee today issued recommendations for birth to 24 months old and specifically recommended eggs as an important first food for infants and toddlers, as well as for pregnant and lactating women.”

USDA and HHS are accepting public comments on the Scientific Report from July 15 to August 13, 2020. The Departments will place primary emphasis on comments that address the scientific justification that informed the Committee’s advice. Read the DGAC Scientific Report here.