August 06, 2020

ASAS Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Call for Suggestions and Volunteers to form new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee

Please contribute ideas/comments/suggestions to this new standing committee here.

Please volunteer to participate on this new standing committee here.

Membership on the committee, as on other ASAS standing committees, will include members of the Board of Directors and society members selected after calling upon the membership for volunteers.

As you consider whether to volunteer you should consider that most ASAS committees meet at least monthly by Zoom. The committee after being formed will have broad latitude to make suggestions to the Board of Directors about new programs and activities; and will review current practices of the society and suggest changes in the status quo. The committee is also immediately tasked with proposing changes to the Strategic Plan and Mission Statement in order to more thoughtfully represent the existing diversity of the society and to encourage continued improvement in equity and inclusivity for all.

The committee will be given all comments, observations, suggestions received through this form. This commentary site will stay open indefinitely.

Please volunteer for consideration as a committee member by 3 PM CDT on August 21, 2020.