August 17, 2020

2020 Annual Meeting Poster Competition Results

Poster Competition Results

Undergraduate Poster Competition

Thank you to our committee: Mike MacNeil, Kara Thornton Kurth, Sunday Peters and Tom Geary

3rd Place:

PSIV-27: Peripheral complete blood cell count results in pigs are impacted by gender, sow parity, and farrowing season – Presenting Author: Elle Rottman, University of Arkansas

2nd Place:

PSIV-25: Effect of various handling methods of plasma and serum samples on pregnancy associated glycoprotein concentrations - Presenting Author: Grace Wesson, Texas A&M University

1st Place:

PSIV-28: The effects of poor maternal nutrition during gestation on ewe and offspring plasmaconcentrations of leptin and ghrelin – Presenting Author: Lauren Soranno, University of Connecticut

Graduate Poster Competition: MS

Thank you to our committee: Kristi Cammack, Chantal Farmer, Jay Daniel, Richard Coffey, Glenn Duff and William Weldon

3rd Place:

PSI-10: Effects of a moderate and aggressive implant strategy on the rumen microbial community in steers – Presenting Author: Madison Henniger, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2nd Place:

PSI-26: The effects of probiotics on growth and metabolism in ram lambs – Presenting Author: Alexis Trench, University of Connecticut

1st Place:

PSI-13: Evaluation of acid insoluble ash as a digestibility marker in feedlot diets containing corn-milling byproducts – Presenting Author: Paige Spowart, West Texas A&M University

Graduate Poster Competition: PhD

Thank you to our committee : Todd Armstrong, Beth Kegley, Tom Rathje, Tom Welsh, Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe

3rd Place (tied):

PSIV-10: Effects of stair-step vs. constant supplementation amount on growth, reproduction, and intravaginal temperature in Bos indicus-influenced beef heifers – Presenting Author: Elizabeth Palmer, University of Florida

PSIV-11: Effects of very low-dose antibiotics on gene expression profiles in ileal mucosa of weaned pigs infected with a pathogenic E. coli – Presenting Author: Kwangwook Kim, University of California, Davis

PSIV-19: Relationship between liver abscess microbiome of feedlot cattle and soil organic matter microbiome isolated from feedlot pens – Presenting Author: Kathryn Smith, New Mexico State University

2nd Place:

PSIV-2: Changes in free glutamine and glutamate in mare milk during early lactation – Presenting Author: Morgan Pyles, University of Kentucky

1st Place:

PSIV-14: Fecal microbiome of horses grazing integrated warm- and cool-season grass rotational pasture systems – Presenting Author: Jennifer Weinert, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey