December 28, 2020

New House Ag Committee Chairman and Ranking Member Chosen

New House Ag Committee Chairman and Ranking Member Chosen

Congressman David Scott (D-GA) was selected over Jim Costa (R-CA) by the Democratic Committee in a 32-19 vote to serve as the House Agricultural Chairmen for 2021. Scott ranks highest in his seniority on the House Ag Committee and has served as an active member of the Ag Committee since first being elected to the House in 2003. Scott replaces Representative Collin Peterson (R-MN), who was not re-elected in the fall election.

Scott previously served as the subcommittee chair of the Commodity Exchanges, Energy and Credit subcommittee will be the first representative from Georgia and the first African American committee chairman. “I am honored to have been chosen by my colleagues in the Democratic Caucus to serve as Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee,” said Scott, in a press release. “I owe this historic selection as the first African American Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee to a diverse coalition of members from across our nation. And I will use this critical opportunity to represent the values of our entire caucus and advance our priorities for trade, disaster aid, climate change, sustainable agriculture, SNAP, crop insurance, small family farms, specialty crops, and rural broadband.”

The choice of Scott has been celebrated by many in the animal agriculture industry. “Congressman Scott has been a strong ally of animal agriculture, and we look forward to working with him on the issues that impact the meat and poultry industry,” said the North American Meat Institute President and CEO Julie Anna Potts. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association CEO Collin Woodall welcomed the nomination in a press release and called Scott a “devoted friend of America’s cattle producers.” Woodall added, “His leadership and expertise on cattle issues demonstrates his commitment to helping producer succeed. He is a consummate leader and an ideal choice to lead the committee.” 

Representative Glenn “GT” Thompson (R-PA), chosen by the Republican Caucus, will serve as the ranking member of the Ag Committee. “We have enjoyed working with Congressman Thompson and his team for years. GT has been a vocal and effective advocate for the needs of dairy farmers in Pennsylvania and throughout the country,” said Jim Mulhern, NMPF President, and CEO. Congressman Thompson served as Chairman of the Conservation and Nutrition Subcommittees during the writing of the last two farm bills.

Collin Peterson says both are “very capable leaders.” Peterson says Scott already said he will listen to his counsel and assumes GT will as well. “I have no doubt that they’re going to do a good job,” Peterson says.