January 14, 2021

2021 Midwest ASAS Meeting Goes All Virtual!

2021 Midwest ASAS Meeting Goes All Virtual!

The Midwest Board of the American Society of Animal Science (MW-ASAS) met this week following a final consultation with the city of Omaha and a brief Midwest member/attendee survey concerning the 2021 Midwest Meeting scheduled to be held in Omaha March 8-10, 2021. As a result of pandemic-related travel restrictions and cancellations, moving forward with this event has become impracticable. Unfortunately, we do not believe that we can hold a safe, educational and cost effective meeting with an in person component in March. Consequently, we are now in the process of “flipping the switch” to a fully virtual meeting. We know that we will offer a high quality virtual meeting, but if we are honest, we are extremely disappointed by our decision! No one wanted to hold an in person meeting more than the ASAS staff, the Midwest Board and our members, but we must put the health and welfare of the attendees, employees, above all else!

As demonstrated last July, even with an all virtual meeting, there will be significant opportunities for live-virtual interactions between attendees including social events! 

We have revised the registration site to account for the virtual meeting and we are in the process of doing the following:

Housing: If you had already booked housing through the meeting website, your reservations will be automatically cancelled. If you booked outside the website, ASAS cannot cancel external housing reservations and recommends that you cancel as soon as possible. 

Registration: The virtual meeting registration rates for professionals is the same as the early registration. Therefore, if you registered early, we will just change the category. If you registered later in the process or paid more than the virtual registration price you will be contacted next week by ASAS staff with the following options:

Conversion of registration to virtual and the following options for the excess dollars: refund, movement to 2022 registration or donation to the ASAS Foundation. 
Please note that because of the technological advances made by ASAS over the last 5 years, we can fairly easily move the entire meeting to the virtual platform. As abstracts are accepted and scheduled, submitters will receive virtual presentation details and instructions. The meeting will be conducted on the same platform as the 2020 Annual Meeting and Trade Show.

Invited Symposia Speakers: All Symposia will be conducted live online. They will also be recorded to allow people to view after the meeting.
12-Minute Talks: These will be prerecorded as voice over PowerPoint which will be uploaded ahead of time and released on the day they are scheduled to be presented with question and answer capabilities.
Poster Presentations: This will be done as a single slide, voice over PowerPoint with a 3-minute presentation, released on the day it is scheduled for presentation with question and answer capabilities.

The virtual format will also provide a full virtual exhibitor hall, multiple new virtual sponsorship benefits, virtual workshops, virtual preconference symposia, virtual social events and a virtual academic quadrathlon.

While we really hoped to be able to meet in person with enhanced virtual options, switching to an all virtual meeting does not diminish the great science and work of our members. We hope that you will still participate in the meeting and support the Midwest section! The 2020 Midwest meeting is one of the last meetings many of us attended in person and we had hoped that somehow we would be able to hold the 2021 meeting in person, but in the absence of the in person meeting, we are excited to see everyone via Zoom in March on the virtual platform!


The ASAS Midwest Board of Directors and the ASAS Staff