January 28, 2021

4th Edition of The Ag Guide Released

The American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), The American Dairy Science Association (ADAS), and The Poultry Science Association (PSA) have published the 4th edition of the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching, also known as the Ag Guide. The 4th edition of the Ag Guide has been a multi-year, multi-author, multi-society project that underwent rigorous rounds of individual, society, and public review.

This edition of the Ag Guide builds upon the previous editions, published in 1988, 1999, and 2010. The 4th edition of the Ag Guide includes 13 chapters. Chapters 1-5 (Institutional Policies; Agricultural Animal Health Care; Husbandry, Housing, and Biosecurity; Environmental Enrichment; and Animal Handling and Transport) comprises subject-oriented chapters covering subjects that pertain to all the agricultural animal species and Chapters 6-13 (Beef Cattle; Dairy Cattle; Horses; Swine; Sheep and Goats; Meat-Type Poultry; Egg-Type Poultry; and Waterfowl) are species chapters, which fall under the purview of the respective associations dedicated to the species.

Each association appointed a senior editor to steer the revision of their respective species chapters and to collaborate with the senior editors from the other associations to guide the revision of the subject-oriented chapters, Cassandra B. Tucker (ADSA); Michael D. MacNeil (ASAS); and A. Bruce Webster (PSA). Species chapter committees were recruited from the membership of the respective professional associations devoted to the species. Up to two individuals from each association were selected for each of the subject-oriented chapter committees, to include representatives from each association. The individuals recruited were scientists, veterinarians, or engineers with expertise in the species or subjects covered in their respective chapters. Each chapter committee selected a chairperson from its membership to coordinate revisions and interact with the senior editors.

The Ag Guide covers agricultural animal species having different phenotypes within species and assorted management systems across widely varying climates. The content must be sufficiently broad to cover the diverse research and teaching institutions that use agricultural animals, yet clear enough to give unambiguous guidance to Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees responsible for the care and use of animals in their respective institutions.

Read the 4th edition of the Ag Guide here.