February 01, 2021


The 2021 ASAS-CSAS-SSASAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show will be held as hybrid meeting with a virtual component and a corresponding in-person meeting in Louisville, Kentucky July 14-18, 2021 at the Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC). The opening session will be Wednesday evening, July 14, following the overlap day with the American Dairy Science Association’s Annual Meeting; scientific sessions will begin Thursday morning, July 15, and run through noon on Sunday, July 18.

We invite you to submit an abstract for the 2021 ASAS-CSAS-SSASAS Annual Meeting and Trade Show! The deadline to submit an abstract is March 23, 2021 at 3:00 PM CST. Abstracts can be submitted for various categories and competitions. Visit the meeting website for information on abstract submission and competition guidelines.

There are over 30 symposia that will be taking place at the Annual Meeting including...

ASAS-NANP Pre-Conference Symposium: Mathematical Modeling in Animal Nutrition: Training the Future Generation in Data and Predictive Analytics for a Sustainable Development—Basic Training
Physiology and Endocrinology Symposium:
Factors Affecting Reproductive Performance in Ruminants
Animal Behavior and Well-Being Symposium:
Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Animal Management in Response to Natural Disasters
Animal Breeding and Genetics Symposium I:
Generation of Novel Phenotypes from Automated Systems
Animal Breeding and Genetics Symposium II: What Makes Complex Systems Complex? 
Growth and Development Symposium:
Influence of Environmental Temperature on Growth and Development of Tissues and Animal Production
Ruminant Nutrition Symposium I:
Reducing the Environmental Impact of Ruminants—A Nutritional Approach
Ruminant Nutrition Symposium II:
Frontiers in Ruminant Nutrition: A Historical Context
Beef Species Symposium:
Opportunity and Role of Beef x Dairy Crossbreeding Systems in US Beef Production
Cell Biology Symposium:
Role of Epigenetics in Production and Health
Teaching/Undergrad and Graduate Education: Virtual World of Learning: Inclusivity and Engagement in Undergraduate and Graduate Animal Science Programs
Comparative Gut Physiology Symposium: Parent-offspring Integration: Focus on Gut Health
Contemporary and Emerging Issues Symposium I: Public Policy: Rethinking/Reexamining Grand Challenges Within the Animal Sciences–A Scorecard and Recalibration
Horse Species Symposium:
Nutrition Beyond the NRC: The Current Reality of Equine Nutrition vs. Our Knowledge of the Requirements
Contemporary and Emerging Issues Symposium II:
Science Communication and a Skeptical Society: From Research to Social Media
Companion Animals Symposium I: Experimental Design and Statistics Applied to Companion Animal Nutrition
Companion Animals Symposium II:
Brewing and Fermented Ingredients Used in Pet Nutrition
Companion Animals Symposium III:
Dietary Supplements in Companion Animal Nutrition
Forages and Pastures Symposium I:
Design and Analysis of Grazing Experiments
Forages and Pastures Symposium II: Teaching Forages in the Animal Sciences

ARPAS Symposium:
Building a Resilient Food Production System in the US: What Covid-19 and Other Black Swan Events Have Exposed about Modern Food Production

CSAS Symposium I: Prospects for Exploiting Epigenetic Effects in Livestock Production
CSAS Symposium II: Livestock Resilience and Climate Change

SSASAS SERA 41 & SCC 81 Joint Symposium: Legume Use in Southeastern Forage Systems
SSASAS SCC 81 Symposium:
Parasite Management in Livestock Systems
SSASAS Kunkle Symposium: Use of Byproducts in Grazing Beef Diets

Early registration deadline is February 16, 2021. Take advantage of the discounted rates by registering today.