February 01, 2021

ASAS Southern Section Virtual Academic Quadrathlon

ASAS Southern Section Virtual Academic Quadrathlon

While movement to a virtual Academic Quadrathlon came with new challenges, we held a successful Southern Section Regional AQ January 23-24, 2021. Eight teams participated this year in the virtual event that was hosted in part by North Carolina State University. The teams adapted to the technology and seemed to make the most out of the situation.

Participating teams were Auburn University, Middle Tennessee State University, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, Oklahoma State University, Texas A & M University, Texas Tech University, and University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Overall winner was Texas A&M University, team members:  Morgan Mathis, Kaylee Greiner, Bennett Folsom, and Sarah Bludau, led by liaisons: David Forrest and Sushil Paudyal.

2nd Place Oklahoma State University, team members: Megan Wasson, Brandon Herzog, Shannon Greenwald, and Carlee Salisbury, led by liaisons: Blake Wilson and Brittany Lippy.

3rd Place Auburn University, team members: Zoe Vicich, Madison Coursen, Bella Coppock, and Gavin Rankins ,led by liaison: Ann Staiger

Congratulations to all teams and tremendous thank you to the volunteers to judge Presentations, write and grade Practicum and Written Exams, assist with the Quiz Bowl, and organize the Zoom technology. We all look forward to the day that we can do this contest in person to gain the fellowship and put the hands-on skills back to the test. 

2021 SS ASAS AQ Committee: Carrie Pickworth- NC State (Chair), Patricia Harrelson- Morehead State, and Brandon Smith- Tarleton State.