February 04, 2021

A message from Dr. Phil Miller regarding the Virtual Midwest Meeting

Dear Colleagues:

The MWASAS meeting is a little over a month away.  If you are like me, everything seems like a blur since the 2020 MWASAS meeting.  You have heard from Dr. Krehbiel regarding the rationale for moving the meeting to a virtual format.  We have all been rearranging our work schedules, travel, and personal interactions.  Yes, I am zoomed out, but I very excited about the virtual MWASAS meeting!  Thirty years ago, I attended my first MWASAS meeting (I have only missed one meeting during that time).  At that meeting I was impressed with the spirit on congeniality and how well faculty, students, and  industry clientele interacted.  Specifically, it has been impressive to see how the meeting helps graduate (and undergraduate) students develop academically and professionally.  I am confident that this will continue this year with the virtual format.  Actually,  this will benefit those who have travel restrictions in place.  It has been a long time since I have interacted with many of my colleagues and I am really looking forward to the opportunity to at least have a video chat with them! 

It goes without saying that the meeting has been a great forum to disseminate and learn more about research, extension and teaching in Animal Science.  I believe that the format this year presents a great opportunity to engage graduate and undergraduate students in our programs.  Membership for undergraduate and graduate students is very reasonable. Also, many of us are instructing graduate and undergraduate courses that would be appropriate for viewing some of the MWASAS session presentations.  This is a creative way to expose our students to our professional society and activities.

I hope you will make it a priority to register for the 2021 MWASAS meeting.  Encourage your fellow colleagues, students, staff, and business associates to register and participate.  I believe we will all be pleasantly surprised what a great experience the virtual meeting will be!

See you online!!

Phillip S. Miller
MWASAS President Elect