February 04, 2021

Nonruminant Nutrition Symposia Highlights at the 2021 ASAS Midwest Meeting

Nonruminant Nutrition Symposia Highlights at the 2021 ASAS Midwest Meeting


Gary Allee Symposium: Science in Practice

  • Dr. Mark Newcomb, Cargill Animal Nutrition – Review of the Career: Gary L. Allee
  • Dr. Brian Kerr, USDA-ARS – A Metabolic Understanding of Nutrition
  • Kevin Touchette, Ralco Nutrition – Nursery Pig Research Under Dr. Gary Allee
  • Dr. Robert D. Goodband, Kansas State University – Protein and Amino Acid Concepts and Use in Swine Nutrition: Gary Allee’s Contributions to the Swine Industry
  • Dr. Gary R. Stoner, C.P. Group – International Scientific Development and Application
  • Dr. Joel D. Spencer, JBS United, Inc. – Dr. Allee's Philosophy on Teaching, Research, and the Swine Industry–A Tribute


David H. Baker Symposium: Form and Function of Supplemental Amino Acids in Swine Nutrition

  • Dr. Jaap van Milgen, INRA – Functional Role of Histidine in Diets of Young Pigs
  • Dr. So-Young Kim, CJ CheilJedang BIO – What would be the next feed Amino acid based on a microbial point of view?
  • Dr. Jesse Goff, Iowa State University – Mechanisms by which Amino Acids May Enhance Mineral Absorption in Animals
  • Dr. Karen Wedeking, Novus International – Metal Amino Acid Chelates/Complexes with Emphasis on Molecule, Absorption and Efficacy Differences in Swine

Swine Translational Symposium: How Embracing Technology is Changing the Swine Industry

  • Jonathon Hoek, Summit SmartFarms – Equipping Humans--Optimizing Performance: The Role of Technology in Human Capital
  • Dr. Caleb Shull, The Maschhoff's – Using Cameras to Predict Estrus and Ovulation
  • Dr. Karl Kerns, Iowa State University – Opening the Black Box of Fertility Prediction
  • Aidan Connolly, Cainthus – Precision Pig Nutrition: Unlocking the Potential through Digital Data Collection
  • Brett Ramirez, Iowa State University – What's a Connected Barn and How Do We Use It?


Nonruminant Nutrition Symposium I:  A Sustainable Approach of Reducing Antibiotics in Swine Production

  • Crystal Loving, USDA – Why Resist: Harnessing Immune-microbiome Interactions for Improved Swine Gut Health
  • John Pulske, Murdoch University, Australia – The Role of Crude Protein in Reducing the need for Antibiotics in the Post-weaning Period
  • Hanne Maribo, SEGES – The Danish Perspective to Remove Medicinal Zinc and Reducing the use of Antibiotics in Swine Production
  • Dr. Tsung Cheng Tsai, University of Arkansas – Feed Additives that Optimize Nitrogen Bio-availability in Nursery Pigs Fed Reducing Crude Protein Diets
  • Dr. Ricardo Ekmay, Arbiom – Agriculture Residues as a Possible Sustainable Approach to Replacing Antibiotics in Animal Nutrition
  • Dr. Whitney Lincoln, Smithfield – Raised Without Antibiotics, Lessons Learned
  • Dr. Sara Hough, DSM Nutrition Products – A Veterinarian’s Perspective on How Health and Nutrition Intersect
  • Dr. Casey L. Bradley, The Sunswine Group LLC – When Too Many Feed Additives is Not a Sustainable Approach to Replacing Feed Antibiotics


Nonruminant Nutrition Symposium II: Designing and Analyzing Nutrition Trials to Detect Small but Meaningful Differences

  • Dr. Nick V. Serão, Iowa State University – Fundamentals, Common Mistakes, and Graduate Education in Statistics
  • Dr. Mike D. Tokach, Kansas State University – Data Collection Practices to Reduce Variance in Swine Nutrition Trials
  • Dr. Neil D. Paton, Cargill Animal Nutrition – The Evolving Statistical Science on P-Values and How My Count Data Methods and P-Values are Affected


Nonruminant Nutrition Symposium III: Utilization of Fiber in Modern Swine Nutrition

  • Dr. George C. Fahey, Jr., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign – Dietary Fiber: Chemical and Physical Characteristics and Methods of Analysis
  • Dr. Ruurd T. Zijlstra, University of Alberta – Fiber and Co-product Utilization in Pigs
  • Dr. Mariana Boscato Menegat, Holden Farms – Review of Current Nutrition Knowledge and Practices for Gilt Development

Please remember, this is just a listing of the symposia, it doesn’t include the numerous 12-minute talks or the posters!
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