February 22, 2021

Dear Northeast ASAS/ADSA Section Colleagues

Dear Northeast ASAS/ADSA Section Colleagues,

As you are aware, the ASAS/ADSA Northeast Section made the decision to hold the 2021 Annual Meeting in a virtual format.  We were excited about the possibility of a joint meeting with the Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference, but it became clear that an in-person meeting was simply not feasible.

Despite the needed change in format, we retained our focus on advances in feed efficiency and extension during a pandemic. Session I will kick off with an overview of strategies to respond to market-imposed milk production limits and an open poster session. The first day will conclude with our graduate student poster competition. Session II will feature discussions of feed efficiency from genetic and physiological perspectives in sheep, swine, and cattle.

Please block the afternoon of April 6 through April 7 on your calendar and we look forward to learning about your research during our poster session! On behalf of the Northeast Board, I look forward to “seeing” you all at the 2021 Northeast Annual Meeting.

Chad Dechow
President, ADSA/ASAS Northeast Section