February 22, 2021

Hello Midwest ASAS Students

Hello MWASAS Students,

We are excited for you all to attend the 2021 MWASAS Virtual Annual Meeting! While many of you have recorded presentations or submitted posters to contribute your science to the meeting, we hope you also take a look at the meeting schedule and block out some time for learning and networking! We have planned a Graduate Student Dinner & Learn and also hope you can participate in the evening Zoom Social Hour opportunities. For the Graduate Student Dinner & Learn event this year, we will have Dr. Márcio Gonçalves, the founder of the Swine It podcast, providing his insights on entrepreneurship as a career choice following the completion of an advanced degree. While learning and engagement may look a little different right now, we hope that you are ready to jump into discussions, ask questions, gain new ideas for how to present your research, and make some connections that may be really valuable in deciding your career path. We look forward to seeing you virtually in just a couple weeks!

Grace Moeller, Miriam Martin and Lauren Brizgys
MWASAS Graduate Directors