March 29, 2021

Dairy Checkoff working with NFL to reach consumers

Dairy Checkoff working with NFL to reach consumers

The Dairy Checkoff has announced new initiatives that will provide opportunities for consumers and children to engage with dairy and learn about the industry’s sustainability efforts. The Dairy Checkoff will be working with the National Football league (NFL) to achieve these goals.

The efforts include the Smoothie Blitz, created in partnership with the checkoff-led Fuel Up to Play 60 program. The Smoothie Blitz Program will leverage the star power and influence of high-profile NFL players, who will square off in a bracket-style tournament to see who can create the best dairy-based smoothie. Players will feature their signature smoothie recipes during 60-second videos that will live on their social media and Dairy Management Inc.’s “Dairy Good” channels. Fans will vote on their favorite to determine who advances to the championship round, exponentially growing the exposure of these videos.

The new Undeniably Dairy “Farming to the Future” Virtual Field Trip with Discovery Education seek to highlight dairy’s unique health and wellness benefits, as well as farmers’ commitment to the planet, and encourage consumers to be engaged even during the pandemic. The virtual field trip features dairy farmers showcasing their animal care and environmental commitments and a visit from a sports dietitian, who speaks to how dairy can help build strong bodies. Celebrity chefs will also deliver the message of how dairy farmers are helping to feed the population.

“These efforts are about continuing momentum of the idea that dairy is an important part of everyday life,” said Beth Engelmann, chief operations officer of Dairy Management Inc. (DMI). “With an added focus on the holistic wellness that today’s generation craves, we’re showcasing how dairy contributes to your mind and body in a variety of ways. We’re also showcasing that farmers make these products possible through practices that are good for their animals and the environment.”

Check out more information about these programs here.