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Written by Jacquelyn Prestegaard

A powerful technology called proteomics helps researchers characterize the tens of thousands of proteins from a sample of cells, tissues or fluids. Its use helps scientists form new hypothesis and discoveries between protein expression and cellular processes.

JAM 2014 will host the Joint Growth & Development and Meat Science & Muscle Biology Symposium called, “Applications of proteomics in animal production.” It will cover innovative new studies of proteomic technology in livestock and poultry production.

Dr. John D. Lippolis, Research Molecular Biologist of the National Animal Disease Center, will begin the symposium with an overview of proteomics. He will describe how its use would ultimately help “target pathogens and correct disease conditions” on a cellular level.

Dr. Leluo Guan, associate professor at the University of Alberta, will describe attempts to identify changes in protein expression in the subcutaneous and visceral fat of beef cattle. She will explain the characteristics of fatty acid synthesis during growth, and how the use of proteomics can continue to reveal similar trends in the future.

Professor David Ekersall of the University of Glasgow will explore “Use of proteomics in animal health and disease research”. Proteomics have been applied widely in human disease research, but much less so in farm animal health. Ekersall will elaborate on the usefulness of this research tool in the future of animal science.

Lastly, Dr. Elizabeth Huff-Lonergan will give a presentation titled “Use of proteomics for livestock improvement.” Because of the novelty and microscopic nature of the technology, researchers must take special care to “focus first on their research questions before commencing any experiment.” Huff-Longergan will further discuss why this is, as well as how to use proteomics in livestock research most successfully.

The Joint Growth & Development and Meat Science & Muscle Biology Symposium, “Applications of proteomics in animal production,” will be held Wednesday, July 23 from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm in Room 2503 of the Kansas City Convention Center.