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Call for Nominations for WSASAS Graduate Student Director
Nominations are due December 21, 2020

Benefits of this position: 

  • Powerful networking experience.
  • Build leadership skills and opportunities.
  • Develop prestige, as you will serve on the WSASAS Executive Board 
    and the Advising and Coordinating Committee.
  • Travel and expenses to Western Section meetings are covered.
  • Provide a voice for fellow graduate students and peers.

Time commitment and responsibilities: 
This is a 2-year appointment that will require 5 – 20 hours per month 
(time will vary depending upon the time of the year). 

Responsibilities will include:

  • Plan and implement the Graduate Student activities.
  • Create networking opportunities through organizing the Graduate Student Mixer.
  • Initiate communication and discussion opportunities for Western Section graduate students.
  • Serve and vote on meeting issues presented during Executive Board meetings.

How to nominate:
Please send your nominations online by December 21, 2020

For questions about this amazing opportunity please contact Joslyn Beard, (jbeard@huskers.unl.edu) or Meredith Harrison, (maharrison@ucdavis.edu)