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OUP takes over Open Access Billing for Journal of Animal Science

Please note that as of this week, OUP has assumed billing for Open Access for JAS. Billing for page charges for JAS and Open Access for TAS will remain with ASAS. The reason for the shift is to accommodate Read and Publish initiatives.

Read and Publish is a relatively new publications strategy. Simply put the Universities are negotiating with publishers to purchase publication subscriptions. Essentially, universities are prepaying your publication charges to specific journals to make sure articles are published open access negating the need for subscriptions to the journals. Find and updated list of institutions participating in Read and Publish online at the following link.

What this means for authors? If you are at any of these institutions, your institution has already prepaid your publication fees in JAS; therefore, the author does not pay the fees. In order to make sure that Universities with Read and Publish deals are not double billed, OUP needs to take over billing for Open Access charges in JAS. If your institution is on the list and you publish in JAS, choose Open Access as the University covers the charge. If you are not on the list and you choose Open Access, OUP will bill you not ASAS.

Please feel free to contact the ASAS office with questions and concerns: asas@asas.org.