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US Ag Innovation Strategy Released

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Research, Education, and Economics (REE) has released the U.S. Agriculture Innovation Strategy: A Directional Vision for Research. This is the first part of the Agriculture Innovation Agenda (AIA), which is committed to the success of American farmers, ranchers, producers, and foresters in the face of today’s challenges.

The AIA is a department-wide effort to affiliate USDA’s resources, programs, and research to provide farmers with the tools they need and to position American agriculture as a leader in the effort to meet the food, fiber, fuel, feed, and climate demands of the future. The main goal is for the USDA to stimulate innovation so that American agriculture can achieve the objective of increasing U.S. agricultural production by 40% while cutting the environmental footprint of U.S. agriculture in half by 2050. The Agriculture Innovation Research Strategy is the first part of the AIA. It aims to engage the public and private sector on research goals that will help inform research priorities to address the AIA for the next 10 to 30 years.

The USDA collected hundreds of responses through the request for information (RFI) and stakeholder-led workshops. Respondents were asked to identify transformational research goals for the next era of agriculture productivity and environmental conservation. They were also asked to propose approaches to these opportunities around four innovation cluster areas such as Genome Design, Digital Automation, Prescriptive Intervention, and Systems Based Farm Management, and to identify gaps, barriers, and hurdles to meeting these goals.

“Agriculture is a noble profession, not just for the farmers, foresters, and ranchers who practice it, but also for those who enable it with their scientific endeavors, their innovative ideas and applications, and their commitment to genuine partnerships for progress toward sustainably feeding our growing world. USDA is pleased to provide this U.S. Agriculture Innovation Research Strategy as a key element of the USDA Agriculture Innovation Agenda to help fulfill the mantra of Do Right and Feed Everyone,” said Scott Hutchins, Ph.D., USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics and John Dyer, Ph.D., USDA U.S. Ag Innovation Strategy Coordinator in the introductory message of the report.

The report includes background information, the development process of the U.S. Agriculture Innovation Strategy for Research, data collection, analysis, and synthesis, and viewing future innovations through the sustainability lens. It also includes emergent themes across multiple agricultural segments, and specific goals targeting agriculture innovations.

Read the report here.