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Welcome to the 2021 Annual ASAS Midwest Section Virtual Meeting!

We are very pleased that you have taken the opportunity to engage in the 2021 ASAS Midwest Section Meeting. While we will miss not being able to meet in person for this meeting, we are confident that the virtual format will offer the same high-quality, impactful science that the Midwest Section is historically known to provide. The distance delivery approach offers great opportunities to watch, participate, and learn from individuals who are prepared and ready to present their scientific results and expertise through this virtual venue. We hope you will take full advantage of the scientific program.

Please find the complete schedule including posters, 12-min talks, opportunities for social interactions, and symposia on the meeting program website. Additional information and resources are also available on that site. If you have problems navigating the system, please do not hesitate to reach out to our wonderful ASAS staff or one of the Midwest ASAS Board Members. As a reminder, the awards program will highlight excellence in early career achievements, and each awardee had the opportunity to provide a 30-minute presentation that highlights keys to their success and advice to future scientists. Those presentations can be found in the schedule. The Academic Quadrathlon Quiz Bowl Finals are always a highlight of the Annual Midwest ASAS Meetings and will be held on Tuesday evening immediately following the Awards Program.

Finally, we are very grateful to our sponsors who have partnered with us, supported us, and continue to bridge the gaps between academia and industry that keep us impactful in increasing knowledge of companion and food animal production, health, and well-being. Thank you sponsors for your support!

I look forward to seeing you throughout the week. Thanks again for your membership to this important society and for your attendance at this meeting.

Enjoy the week!

Clint Krehbiel, ASAS Midwest President