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American Society of Animal Science Journals Featured on the OUP Blog

In recognition of the infographic efforts by the ASAS Journals and to enhance distribution, OUP (Oxford University Press) has begun to feature infographics on the OUP Blog each month. You can view February and March on the OUP blog site.

ASAS has now been publishing infographics for a year. The infographics have drastically increased article visibility across social media and has led to a significant citation increase for articles with an associated infographic. Congrats to ASAS members and authors for their features in the infographics and on the OUP Blog. The February Blog Post is an edited version of the article "Review: Impacts of shade on cattle well-being in the beef supply chain", written by Lily N Edwards-CallawayM Caitlin CramerCaitlin N CadaretElizabeth J BiglerTerry E EngleJohn J Wagner, and Daniel L Clark and the March Blog post is an edited version of the article "Of pigs and men: the best-laid plans for prevention and control of swine fevers", written by Jishu ShiLihua WangDavid Scott McVey.