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Social Events Highlighted

ASAS and the Overall Programming Committee are really excited about the quality and the size of our social program this year, but honestly, we are also just plain thrilled to get to see everyone and socialize after a year of isolation. Here are a few highlights in the social program:

  • Daily coffee and donuts at the posters!
  • Opening Session followed by the Opening Reception at the Fall’s City Market
  • Thursday Food Truck Lunch at the Convention Center
  • Battle of the Brats
  • Ice cream Competition
  • Awards Celebration
  • Forget the normal poster wine and cheese, this year we are running a Bourbon Trail during Friday evening poster session.
  • A “secret” President’s reception in a Speakeasy
  • Graduate Student Mixer
  • The Academic Quadrathalon
  • Two family tours that a few scientists might sneak out of meetings to attend
  • And much much more.