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Interpretive Summary: Comparison of methods for the effective evaluation of the energy content of poultry byproduct meal for beagles

By: Qiaoru Zhang, Haoran Sun, Zuer Gao, Minshan Feng, Haihua Zhang, Tietao Zhang

The scale of the global pet food market is expanding daily, but there are relatively few evaluations that have been performed on many of the common ingredients in pet food recently. This study compares direct, difference, and regression methods of evaluating the effects of the energy values of poultry byproduct meal (PBM), which is commonly used in beagle foods. Beagles were fed five diets containing different proportions of PBM, and the effects on diet quality were compared. The direct evaluation method enabled relatively accurate assessment of the energy value of PBM but could cause diarrhea in the test dogs. Different proportions of PBM significantly affected the results, and the difference method identified feed with 30% poultry meal as optimal. The regression method effectively determined the digestible energy and metabolizable energy values of the various tested levels of PBM. The difference method performed best in evaluating the energy values of beagle feed, and a diet consisting of 30% PBM was determined to be optimal.

Read the full article in the Journal of Animal Science.