July 16, 2021

A Letter From American Red Cross

A Letter From the American Red Cross Kentucky Region:
Summer Full of Life Blood Drive

Thank you so much for hosting the blood drive at your annual conference yesterday. I’m so glad you reached out to us. While registrations started off slow, we ended the day at 84% of the hospital pledge with 21 units.

There were 23 donors who attempted to donate. Two were deferred and one could not complete the unit. We had a fantastic number of first-time donors (13) who came forward. Hopefully they will become life-long donors.

I hope the remainder of your conference is a success. Please share our gratitude with your attendees. If your conference ever returns to Louisville, please consider hosting another drive. We value your support.

Pam Greer-Ullrich, APR
Account Manager, Donor Recruitment
Kentucky Region American Red Cross Blood Services