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    Looking for support during grad school? The American Society of Animal Science is the leading professional society for animal scientists. When you join ASAS, you’ll have access to regional and international conferences, amazing networking opportunities and publications like the Journal of Animal Science.

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    Mark your calendars for the 2015 ASAS Sectional Meetings. Visit the sections page for more information.

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Pierce Bennett: D.C. Summer Policy Intern - Bennett is one of the four students chosen to spend the summer in Washington, D.C. as an ASAS Science Policy Intern. READ MORE...

Interpretive Summaries

  • Detecting disease in beef cattle using ear tag units

    Researchers are using an in-ear accelerometer unit to monitor feeding and rumination of steers to determine how well the technology does at finding sick feedlot cattle before they show signs of illness.

  • Oxidative status critical to swine health and pork quality

    Oxidative stress, the imbalance of pro- and antioxidants, is highly detrimental to meat animal production. Excess oxidants damage animal cells and tissues and may ultimately impair animal health and growth. Also, diets that are high in oxidants negatively affect meat flavor, color, texture and nutritive value.
  • Going green: Microalgae as a feedstuff for grower steers

    Harnessing the adaptive power of algae is a relatively new research field. Livestock scientists see its potential as a sustainable, high-energy feedstuff as well as a protein supplement.