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General Inquiries
Main Office Ph: 217.356.9050
Email: asas at
Fax: 217.568.6070
ASAS utilizes a VOIP phone system that can cause a slight delay when dialing, please note that you may have to wait a few seconds for the system to connect your call.

ASAS Headquarters Staff


Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe, M.S, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer
Ph: 217.621.4623
Email: meghanwr at
Contact for: ASAS and ASAS Foundation business

Justin Bartlett

Justin Bartlett

Chief Operations Officer
Ph: 217.621.7957
Email: justinb at
Contact for: Societal Operations and Logistics, Meetings

Melissa Burnett

Melissa Burnett

Director of Meetings and Membership
Ph: 217.493.2739
Email: melissab at
Contact for: Meetings and Membership


Debbie Zagorski

Associate Program Manager
Ph: 217.898.2501
Email: debbiez at
Contact for: Meetings



Deana Green

Executive and Membership Assistant
Ph: 217.840.7045
Email: deanag at
Contact for: Meeting Registration and Membership


Freda Shore

Bookkeeping and Human Resources Manager
Ph: 217.778.3061
Email: fredas at
Contact for: Accounting and Membership



Dr. Sally Johnson

Journal of Animal Science (JAS) Editor-in-Chief
Ph: 540.231.0776
Email: sealy at


Dr. John J. Parrish

Animal Science Image Gallery Editor-in-Chief
Email: jjparris at



Dr. James W. Oltjen

Translational Animal Science (TAS) Editor-in-Chief
Ph: 530.752.5650
Email: jwoltjen at


Dr. James L. Sartin

Animal Frontiers (AF) Editor-in-Chief

Email: sartijl at auburn dot edu


Fiona McDonald
Oxford University Press
Email: Fiona.McDonald at

Simone Larche
Oxford University Press
Email: Simone.Larche at

Author Support Team
Oxford University Press
Email: at

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Membership is open to individuals, organizations, or firms interested in research and application, instruction, or extension in animal science or associated with the production, processing, marketing, or distribution of livestock and livestock products.

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