August 12, 2021

Interpretive Summary: Infographic: Effect of guanidinoacetic acid supplementation in cattle.

Interpretive Summary: Effect of guanidinoacetic acid supplementation in cattle

By: Dr. Emily Taylor

Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) is a naturally occurring precursor to creatine and is an important fuel source for muscle; therefore, it can improve the performance of growing cattle. Scientists believe the mechanism by which performance is enhanced includes increases in IGF-1 serum and feed conversions. The formatting of creatine from GAA uses a considerable number of methyl donors, arginine, and glycine. Previously, GAA has been used in poultry feed to encourage greater creatine synthesis within the body; however, researchers are unsure of the outcome when feeding GEE o methyl-group deficient cattle. 

The current infographic was designed to interpret the present study, which explored how methyl-group deficient cattle respond to GAA supplementation, with and without the additional methionine supplementation to be used as a methyl group donor. As a result, the supplementation of GAA increased creatine availability to cattle. Protein deposition was also improved, however only in the group fed GAA + methionine. Therefore, the authors suggest that the supplementation of GAA can improve cattle performance as long as they are not deficient in methyl groups. The authors also suggest further research is needed to understand the relationship between methyl donor supple, GAA and creatine metabolism.

This article is available on the Journal of Animal Science.